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The Reunions page added some interactive features that were somewhat used for the 2011 reunion and hopefully will be improved for a 2013 reunion. Please use our Feedback page to give us your comments, suggestions, or to provide material for the History page since I unfortunately continue to struggle with finding the time to complete it.


Pictures bring the web site to life! We have over 500 pictures but would like many more. A regular feature of the web site will be a link to view the newest pictures added so when you visit you can quickly see what is new. Click here to see the newest pictures. One of our major challenges is to thoroughly identify everyone in our pictures so we can fix the captions and properly index the pictures to our rosters. Click here to view the pictures we need help with. If you can help please use the email link provided with the picture.


In our travels to rebuild the website we came across an article about the nomination of Herman Smith, one of our World War II veterans, for the 2008 Ben Bastura Historical Achievement Award. The nomination was made by the Columbia, Missouri Chapter of the USSVI. Mr. Smith completed eleven patrols in the war! Sadly we lost Mr. Smith in 2011 so it bears repeating that we have precious few veterans from that era on our Active Roster and we like to take the opportunity to honor them whenever we can. Click here to read all about Herman Smith.


What was the Hardhead?

The Hardhead was a United States submarine that served from 1944 to 1972. She successfully completed six war patrols during World War II and served throughout most of the "Cold War". For those that are unfamiliar with the history of the Hardhead the six gold stars above signify her war patrols, the first picture is during WW II as a Fleet Submarine, the second picture is her final configuration with the "North Atlantic" sail, and the last picture is in the 1950's with the so called "step" sail.


She ended her service with the United States Navy at the Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut on July 26, 1972 at which time she became the H.S. Papanikolis (S-114) and then continued to serve in the Greek Navy until the 1990's. While we do not have a page dedicated to the Papanikolis we do have a collection of pictures contributed by a former crew member and also by the son of the first commanding officer.


The Hardhead served both the United States and Greece with honor. She is gone now but not forgotten and neither are those that served on her.



The Hardhead Alumni Association has been very active in organizing reunions. So far we have had reunions in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011. We hope to have another one in 2013 and will keep everyone up to date with the Reunions page.


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Missing shipmates:

While we have literally hundreds of shipmates on our active roster we know of hundreds more we have not been able to locate so we are always looking. If you served on the Hardhead and have not previously contacted us please do so with our Feedback page. We would love to hear from you.



We now have over 400 pictures in our collection but we would sure like to have more. So if you have some and would like to see them on this website please send them to us. We wouldn't want any pictures to get lost so we ask that you scan the pictures and send an electronic version as an email attachment to webmaster. If you can't produce an electronic version contact us and we will work something out.